Audition Info

Round 1: Video Submissions

  • Everyone interested in joining the color guard must submit a video audition no later than June 30, 2018. Everyone will be notified no later than July 8 whether they received an invitation to the in person auditions in August.
  • Video auditions should be submitted by posting a an “Unlisted” video on YouTube and sending us the link to the video with your name, hometown, and years in guard. Instructions for posting and submitting the video are below.
  • If you would like to perform on rifle at the first half time, you must include both flag work and rifle work in your video audition. There will be more opportunities to audition for rifle at other points during the season, if you think you would like to do rifle at some point, but aren’t sure right now.

Here’s what video auditions should contain:

  • Flag Work
    • at least 32 counts of drop spins (or whatever basic spin you know)
    • at least 32 counts of stirs (or cones/grinders/hour glass)
    • at least 32 counts of traps (or cracker jacks/cranks/pull-hits)
    • at least 32 counts of tosses (both regular and lateral/angled)
    • 32-64 count combination (something from an old show or something you made up)
  • Rifle Work
    • 32 counts of right spins
    • 32 counts of left spins
    • 32 counts of double tosses
    • 32 counts of triples
    • 32-64 counts of a combination
    • There will be an example video posted on the umncolorguard YouTube channel to show you what the video should look like.

Submitting the Video

  1. Create a YouTube account (if you have gmail, you automatically have one)

  2. Click the Upload button in the top right cornerupload button copy

  3. It will take you to the Upload page.upload page copy

    A little box will appear with the word Public. Click on the little triangle and click Unlisted (this way only people with the link will be able to see your video).

  4. Either drag the video, or select the file of your video to upload.

  5. Make sure to title your video “[Your name] Color Guard Audition”, and in the description put your name, hometown, and years of color guard experience.

  6. Copy and paste the link to your YouTube video (it will give you the link once your video is uploaded) in an email to with the subject line Audition Submission.

  7. If you have any questions about uploading the video, send an email to the Assistant Color Guard Instructor, Syressa Lewis (


Round 2: In Person Auditions

  • In-person auditions typically are held two weeks before spat camp, which is four weeks before school begins. The audition is on the first day, and is followed by three days of a workshop. Everyone is expected to attend these days for the whole time. NO LATE AUDITIONS WILL BE ALLOWED (students must communicate conflicts in advance).
  • One you have been notified that you are invited to auditions, you will receive more specific information about these auditions. Until that point, any questions can be sent to Syressa Lewis (



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